Marine and industrial PLC or PC based automation and visualization systems development and integration


We offer tailor-made, modern automation and visualization systems which are compliant with the major class societies in the marine industry. Utilizing equipment from worldwide recognized brand Siemens, our automation systems consist of equipment proven to be efficient and reliable in various industries under most difficult circumstances.

Interval has developed INTEMAR v2.0, a modern ship's integrated automation system (IAS).


Interval provides custom solutions based on clients needs. We can fulfill all customer requests, starting from the initial design idea to solve a specific issue, three pole diagrams to software and hardware development. We mostly use Siemens PLC CPUs and HMI, but we can adapt to other PLC manufacturers if the project demands it.

We also have the experience to modify existing machine control cabinets with old PLC equipment and pairing old PLC with new ones. For example when a customer wants to modernize only one part of the machine.

Besides PLC and HMI we can supply full SCADA solutions with Siemens WinCC.